This site is tricky

ok, the first post i did – for the record it was a heart pouring affair, full of childhood quotes – is lost forever in the ether. I must’ve hit the wrong button or something but when you hit the button marked Preview and instead it zips to another page vapourising your beloved text in the process it is hard not to feel a little snippy with the whole thing.

So there.

Right now I am getting ready to return to my manual job I know and love. In an environment not unlike that of many other manual labourers worldwide. From what I can remember from my previous post my feelings focused on the idea of nurturing my ideas admist an environment was akin to living in the tenaments of the cities during the 1890’s. Atomspheric but a good chance of developing cholera, typhus, typhoid, rickets, and any number of other fun infections.

But the work gives me an income. Until I find something that beats that I guess I’m stuck pulling on the boots and the hardhat at 7am, five days a week.


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