No. I haven’t been in prison.

I know what you’re all thinking. She went out to get a pint of milk and all of a sudden.. silence…
I’m not dead (evidently), to tell you the truth life started getting.. slippery since my last post back in 2012. I was in a new job, just moved into a new apartment which, as my previous post noted, is still blowing my mind a little bit given the fact that i actually own the thing, me and the other two organizations i am indentured too. Then I started trying to live a bit better than i was at the time. Started going out a little more, seeing my friends more often, writing more (aside from this blog and another one I spent a lot more time upon) to the extent that i finished my first novel “Gray Horses”.
It isn’t published. I doubt it will EVAH be published. But it is finished. And that is something i can go to my grave feeling proud of.
Now I’m looking for a new challenge.

Like many people the world over realise, life is a series of challenges. First you’re alone, then you meet someone, then you dump them (or they dump you), then you cry, then you meet someone else, then they’re the right one. If that works you usually aim to start a family of your own and all the fun that goes with that venture. If not….
I think at times, especially in today’s Westernized culture, the desire/demand/expectation to procreate is getting stronger than when my mom was a kid. For me, for the section of my family, that desire has never been there. I don’t know why it isn’t but it isn’t. I’m still dealing with the fallout of that bombshell.

But now. Challenge.
I have several ideas. But none of them are what could be stashed under the heading of “Normal”. Like my previous draft questioned – which is kinda bizarre given the time lapse between now and then – I’m still uneasy with being in bed with people for reasons I don’t accept. Just because society does it doesn’t mean it’s right. And I remember having several heated arguments with my mom as a child as how exactly mortgages work. You borrow cash at stupid interest rates over 25 years+ time frames never knowing if you will ever pay it back. and even if you do then you’ll be old in that time. Great. You can see how this blew my 13 year old mind a little bit can’t you?

My biggest issue now is this.
I want to be more blog and platform aware. I want to be able to link things together. And for someone who hasn’t got a smartphone, this will be a considerable task.
If I am here though I will have to finally close the book on my livejournal. This isn’t something i’m sad about. I wanted to stay on that site until i found a worthwhile capable, competent alternative.
I think I have.
And I will write more later.


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