Running odd diagnostics

So. You CAN link it to facebook.
Yeah, not as good as livejournal but it does what it says on the tin so there we are.
What I liked also was the glyph this thing gave me on the facebook feed. One of the original steelwork pics i snagged from who knows where way back when. Very me.

Yep, quick note concerning the final post. This is of course to prevent blowback from anyone i work with. I like kids. I adore kids most of the time. My two best friends have two kids apiece and the one’s I’ve seen are brilliant.
I don’t like the way the country (and particular the UK press) both deify while simultaneously wailing (Daily Mail) about the dangers posed to children from every conceivable angle.
Copy Israel’s approach. Modern 1st World country where all women have to do two years national service. It would certainly shake up the social landscape that’s for certain. Or maybe i’m just bitter and both impressed and scared at what I saw the last time I was in Israel. Impressed with the girls standing at the roadblocks, some with rifles bigger than they were and my encouter with a border officer who had me strip virtually to my wet-wear before proclaiming disbelief that i had underwire in my bra. Intense.
Either that or the fact that I can strip and assemble an SA-80 and I think it’s something every girl should know in the 21st Century.

But this. Here and now.
Random Five things newbies might be interested in knowing about me since I first started this blog. Maybe I should put it in a meme….
1) I’m bottle blonde and will probably be for the immediate future. Started doing it a couple of years ago and haven’t stopped yet. Blonde was my natural hair colour but i went dark in my twenties. Now i’m back to my youth shade I look like a cross between Sue Wicks and Kevin Greene. I don’t mind this, blonde straggly hair is the best look I’ve tried to date. It gives me a feral feel about my appearance that brings out the proactive side. Not necessarily scruffy but not pigeon-holed in the box “neat” either. Wild. Barely restrained wildness. Which oddly enough was also something i was when I was little.

2) My family is one of wanderers. This possibly could be why I hold little allegiance to something as historic as a monarchy. To be born into something is seen as more restraining than personally I’d prefer. You are what you want to be. It’s lonely and has it’s drawbacks but there’s something tremendously liberating about not having roots and conventions behind you. it’s a double-edged sword. But it’s all we’ve got.

3) Your job should either inspire you or at least provide enough income to enjoy your life despite of it. It’s something I still believe. My job now is a good example of an existence straddling both camps. Interesting but becoming exceedingly political. And complex. And such an increase of rulings have always pushed my interest aside for the more endurance side of my persona to emerge. I endure. But that, like fame, is an empty purse.

4) My likelihood of meeting someone personal in my current situation is small. Work is either too encompassing or the feelings I harbor in it are too distrusting. This attitude tends to bleed over into other aspects of my life. I keep my barriers up, or I strike first against someone I don’t know before they have a chance to do it to me and therefore that tends to sour any goodwill that person might have felt towards me. I don’t know how to change this. And I’m tired of therapy.

5) With my friends and I currently addicted to board games aimed at grown ups and my own interests in 120 mm Diana+ lomography the world seems happier going backwards in terms of technological terms at the moment. I had my first 2 rolls of 120 film processed yesterday. Out of 30 pics only 2 were viable. and it cost me £27 to find that out. But those two were brilliant pictures, and the shaken quality of the images i got were amazing in their stature.

What?? Did you expect it to be happy???
I am happy. Just more thoughtful than most. Happiness isn’t always fun. Something people forget.


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