Writing this, listening to a combination of Texas and Janet Jackson. The former reminding me of when I was in college, running football patterns on the beach pretending I was Jay Novacek, the latter someone I’ve only recently gotten into, influenced by something I read recently. You know subliminal advertising? I suffer from it to,… Read More Talismans

Pink is nice, but you mix it with blue and odd things happen

When I was in primary school reading wasn’t encouraged. The defining reason behind this modern-day bombshell was that when I was in primary school there were precious few alternatives, therefore reading ruled by default. Like Syria; who needs elections when you’re a regime? One blocky Amstrad computer in Year 5’s portacabin*, which had its own… Read More Pink is nice, but you mix it with blue and odd things happen


The best nights tend to be spontaneous ones. I’ve heard that so often I think it’s now a stereotype. Something that, by its nature, can’t be planned, and something that can only be commented on in retrospect given the complete lack of predication involved. It also works best if it’s a surprise too, then you… Read More Sideways