The world turns slowly

Hellow. I am alive. I am not THAT busy. It’s just my life, and the bits of life that I comment on seem to be spinning faster and faster. And with every spin more happens. And most of it isn’t nice.

Since I last posted the world has had the Orlando shootings, which knocked me (emotionally) out for days, to the extent that any time I’ve tried to blog about the events in the Orlando nightclub my heart prickles, and feels like it’s about to burst and flood all over the screen. We also had our first UK MP murdered in almost 40 years, when Jo Cox got shot and stabbed by a disgruntled member of the public.
This is rare in the UK because of our ultra-tight gun laws, and the last time I can remember a Member of Parliament dying was when the IRA were blowing them up in the seventies. It’s comical, these days the war is over, and still the casualties continue to mount.

Then we had Brexit, the UK decision to leave the European Union. This vote split families, but I think it’s done more damage than many of the political pundits are even aware of. it’s unlikely now that, in the aftermath, the UK will ever get proportional representation when it comes to elections. The risk is just too great for the political elite to stomach, especially when David Cameron resigned as PM, kicking off a dumpster fire in the Tory party, as who wants to run it, and with it, the country.

Many of my London friends, those in the health sector and those of minority persuasion were aghast. And while events like Pride (LGBT) were still accepted as part of British society, the general scuttlebutt I hear among my peers is that nothing good will come of us leaving the EU. It’s not going to descend into anarchy, but progress will be limited in all fields, from commerce, to education, to research. It feels like the UK is taking a giant step backwards, and to someone like me, and to many like me, it doesn’t feel nice.

And just as Brexit begins to subside, The Donald steps back into the breech. And with it, the shooting on the streets of Dallas. A toxic mix of hair-trigger tempers, distrust in the police, two publically recorded executions of African-American men, and the disinterest in anyone to stop this casual disregard for life made the shootout on the Dallas streets nothing more than the icing on a very disturbing cake for anyone to be an American of colour.

So yes, this is 2016. A year that is happy to dispatch many a famous and personal celebrity. From Prince, to Alan Rickman, to Lemmy, to Elie Wiesel, leaving nothing but a longing for the past in its wake.
The Welsh have a word for a nostalgic feeling of a home long gone. It’s known as ‘Hiraeth’ and its formal definition is: a homesickness to a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

And that is how many people feel these days. The uncertainty is nauseating, and people are running backwards into their past as a result. I guess this is why Hollywood reboots are so popular right now, people want to remember the good times, because the times right now just aren’t.

Still, chin up, soon it’ll be my birthday, and I’ll be one year older, lurching closer, closer towards the grave. Happy New Year!


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