River keep Rollin’

Well, 2017 finally pulled in at midnight, on January 1st, and I think for the majority of the population it came with a sense of relief that no more badness was going to befell any celebrity, and no national, nor international plan was going to greenlight, scuppering any positive recovery from austerity and driving the working poor further into economic peril.
That is for anyone aside from America. Sorry America, you just gotta ride out Trump for the foreseeable.

I survived the second sitting of my ink project. And I actually went to a hen night the following day, clingfilm and all. Dancing to the beats at 11pm, with people that I love actually made the pain easier, alongside the Sambuca shots, mixers and whatever one bar tried to flog me, calling it coconut liquor. Personally, I think I got fleeced, but as long as it numbed the pain I could’ve drunk ethanol and wouldn’t have cared, so long as they presented it in a flowery bottle.
Hanukkah and Xmas have come and gone, and with the 6th night passing by on Friday, we’re all back to rowing for our mortgages in this new year.
And I’ve got a lot more to row for, in this year.
I have holidays to take, to both Greece, and then later on in the year to Boston, and New York. Beantown is particularly important as the family’s discovered more cousins reside there, just north of the city. So our family’s planning to descend just prior to Labour Day, kickback for a few days, then run the railroad up to NYC for another few days of retail therapy and top-notch food. And bookstores. Which will probably be my family’s major job for the entire trip, keeping me out of the things. Paperbacks are a surprising pain, and unexpectedly heavy when it comes to excess weight allowance in the hold luggage.

The Broadway sensation Hamilton comes to the UK at the end of the year. Landing in the West End sometime around November. Sadly, not the original cast, but the current auditions have been ongoing for six months, here in London, so I have all the faith that the UK cast will do Lin-Manuel proud, alongside the rumour that the man himself (Lin-Manuel Miranda is the composure of the musical, and a current Broadway/Hollywood wunderkind) will make an appearance, if only to comment and encourage for the sidelines.
Tickets go on sale end of this month. Not that I’m counting down, or anything.

Big events aside, what else do I want to achieve in 2017. A self-designated “EXHALE YEAR” (credit to Amanda Palmer)?
1. Keep scribbling these two ideas down. Can’t really do anything with them until I’ve got a completed first draft in the bag. But I’ve got 12 months. If people can bang out a first draft in a month for NaNoWriMo, then I should be able to make some progress on my own labours
2. Embrace the fear. I get scared. A lot. People’s opinions, my own abilities, people’s opinions about my own abilities. Scrub/Operating room nurses often feel like they have to be perfect in everything they do, (because, you know, patients tend to die if they’re not toting their A-game everywhere) so that does make me shy away from something I might not be any good at, or not enjoy. If I fail, if I’m flawed, if nothing really happens, at least I gave it a shot.
3. Be proactive with my life. I’ve started a bucket list already, but I want to see if anything more gestates from such positivity. This isn’t introspection, I’ve already got enough of that to wallpaper my apartment, but learning how to make significant changes to my life. Be better, or at least try to.
4. Enjoy spending time with people I love. Too often I run off before time, both with family and friends, using the excuses of traffic, early starts the following day, or just general tiredness. Time is precious with those people. I want to use it more wisely.
5. Don’t be afraid to jump if something comes by. I celebrated my tenth year last October. Ten years on the job, well, minus the five months I spent docked at UWA. Even taking that into account, that gives me ten years in April 2017.
I don’t think having a job for life is wrong, per se. But it’s an unwritten law that the NHS tends to promote from within, and will often promote on the grounds of longevity, rather than actual ability. Institutions are like that, and it does cause the forward-thinkers to bounce, sooner rather than later, either because they’re tired of banging their heads against walls that refuse to budge, or they find a position somewhere else that fits them better than their current situation.
I don’t think that will happen in 2017. With Brexit still being flung around like faeces in a primate house, and the end of the financial year on the horizon, it will be an interesting summer season. And I don’t want to perform my own personal Brexit, either. To leave a decade of stability without a single iota of plan as to what to do next would be utterly asinine, and if I’m honest, pretty much financial suicide, considering how I’m still in hock for their college course, two Septembers ago.

Does all this seem doable? Maybe. But it’ll be interesting doing it. and that’s really what I’m looking forward to.


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